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Syllys Prepares New Single “Rêves”: Expect a Second Success!

August 11, 2023 Off By fred

Syllys Prepares New Single “Rêves”: Expect a Second Success!

The team is excited to reveal that multi-talented author, lyricist, composer, singer and actress Syllys is preparing a brand new single that promises to captivate fans. Entitled “Rêves”, the eagerly-awaited single is due for release at the end of October. Following the triumph of her previous single ‘Collegram’, expectations are high and confidence is palpable that this will be a second resounding success.

With an artistic talent that transcends disciplines, Syllys is a key figure in the entertainment industry. As a writer, she handles words with captivating finesse, creating stories and emotions that resonate deeply with her audience. Her mastery of composition allows her to fuse haunting melodies with powerful lyrics, creating musical pieces that linger in the mind and heart.

As well as her musical talents, Syllys has also shone on the silver screen as an actress. Her natural charisma and ability to slip into a variety of roles have won her the admiration of film and TV fans alike. This artistic versatility and her authentic presence help to make her a complete and captivating artist.

The team around Syllys have nothing but praise for her generous personality and exceptional kindness. She puts her heart and soul into her projects, creating works that touch the soul and connect sincerely with her audience. This human quality translates naturally into her art, adding a layer of emotion and authenticity to each of her performances.

With the release date fast approaching, fans can look forward to an immersion in a fascinating musical universe, guided by Syllys’ haunting voice and multi-talented talents. The single ‘Rêves’ promises to be an emotional journey not to be missed, an aural experience that will touch hearts and stir souls.

The music scene is about to get another nugget, and the wait until the October release only heightens the excitement and anticipation. Stay tuned for ‘Rêves’, the new single from Syllys, which is destined to light up our lives and make us dream endlessly.


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