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Starboy is a very active pop artist, he participated in the production of 16 EPs with Djmastersound. He has now joined the Djmastersound Music label. His Dance Music style makes him one of the rising stars of the moment. Of French nationality he was born in Grasse.
Many titles are in preparation. The adventure is just beginning for this talented and surprising artist.

Starboy is a talented and innovative music artist specialising in the production of electronic dance music (EDM). EDM music focuses on creating an immersive musical experience through heavy beats, catchy melodies and powerful bass. Starboy has come to the attention of the public because of his music production skills and innovative approach to EDM production.

As an EDM music producer, Starboy uses advanced music production techniques to create unique arrangements and complex sounds. He works with music production tools such as synthesizers, drum machines and sound effects to create textures, effects and samples. He also works with vocal artists to create original and memorable EDM songs, which have gained popularity for their energy, power and originality.

As a DJ, Starboy is known for his explosive sets of EDM music, which often include remixes of his own compositions as well as songs by other artists in the same genre. He uses advanced DJ techniques such as syncing, scratching and mixing to create a live music experience that gets the crowd moving.

EDM is a constantly evolving genre, and Starboy is at the forefront of this evolution. He uses modern sounds and advanced music production techniques to create EDM songs that capture the essence of modern electronic music. He also works with artists from other genres to create hybrid EDM songs that explore musical boundaries.

In conclusion, Starboy is a very talented and innovative EDM music producer, considered one of the best in the EDM scene. He is appreciated for his innovative approach to music production, his original compositions and his explosive live sets.


Starboy Discography :

I Wanna Be HappyLet Me Be A LoverI wanna DanceNo Reason To StopGot FeelingYou And MeTa Ta TaFalling – Cause Your Love – For YouWhen You Coming BackPop The Floor – Falling Down – Love He Found To Back Time Now – You Can’t Help Me No More – Let It Sound – Alive – See You – Virtual Lover Remix – The Little Robot