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Space, formally Didier Marouani & Space, are a French electronic music band from the city of Marseille active from 1977 through 1980 and returning with on-stage remake performances since 1992. Their work is associated with the short-lived space disco genre and is a precursor of electronica.

Space and its main composer, Didier Marouani, also known by his artist name Ecama, have had success in France and some foreign countries, especially in the USSR since 1977. More than 12 million albums sold (excluding the Soviet Union) have made this group the first French group to achieve worldwide success. Magic Fly, the first title of the band has become number one hit charts in many countries around the world. At the time, the group adopted a spatial and futuristic look.

From 1980, the band breaks up, the album Deeper Zone published under the name of Space actually consists of recordings signed by only two members of the group: Roland Romanelli and Jannick Top. Marouani continues to record under the name of Ecama then Didier Marouani & Space and Didier Marouani & Paris-France-Transit.

In 1992, Didier Marouani was the first artist to obtain from the mayor of Moscow the necessary authorizations to give a concert on the Red Square which will gather more than 360 000 spectators.

Today, Didier Marouani & Space and its leader Didier Marouani are well known in Russia and the former Soviet republics.

Magic Fly remix Live Edit by french Dj producer Djmastersound on 2018 by Frédéric Cilia.

In 1977 and after several years in the folk song (do not be afraid of words), Didier Marouani discovers Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and the magic of synthesizers. Believing that the instrument is hard on the future (like the Rockets), while most people around him consider these machines as the trend of a single season, Didier Marouani comes out “Magic Fly “with his friends Roland Rommanelli and Jannick Top.
Their name ? Space, simply. With his label of the time, Polydor, it is then Vogue who released the title that will become a megatube planetary and even outer space, since after many visits and concerts in the USSR, Didier Marouani catapult a CD Space in the Mir Station in 1987, a first in history. From his first games for Claude François to the Olympic Stadium in Moscow.