Robert Miles

Robert Miles

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Robert Miles is a Swiss DJ and producer of trance music, born November 3, 1969 in Fleurier (Switzerland) and died on May 9, 2017 in Ibiza (Spain).

He is considered the initiator of the dream trance with his single Children, released in 1995.

You can now listen to the remix on iTunesProducer Frédéric Cilia.

A native of Fagagna (Friuli), Robert Miles began his professional career in 1988 in the clubs of Turin and Milan where he became known as a professional DJ and in 1990 he acquired his own recording studio. In 1994, he released two vinyl records Ghost and OxygenEPvol.1 under the name of Roberto Milani on the label Metrotraxx. It was in 1995 that he took the name of Robert Miles and released two new vinyl records Soundtracks and Red Zone, on the label DBX Records.

He founded the genre of dream trance with the title Children in 1995, a title inspired by photos of child victims of the war that his father, a career soldier, would have shown him, and who would have deeply touched. Legend has it that Children was recorded in one night. This tube was a great success across Europe and even in the United States, and was sold to over 5 million copies worldwide including 600,000 in France and certified platinum. In 1996, Children was number 1 for 11 weeks. It was a genre in its own right which led to a whole artist’s way of moving towards soft rhythmic music. This title was followed by his first album Dreamland, containing 12 tracks and almost instrumental, including the hits Fable and One and One. In November 1997, he released Robert Miles In the mix, a compilation mixed by his care where he gathered 19 tracks of his favorite artists (we find among others Chicane, Underworld, Goldie, Csilla, as well as 2 of his titles Fable and For us, present on some versions of Dreamland) in a progressive trance style. He also publishes the Renaissance Worldwide London compilation that he mixes with DJ Dave Seaman. The same year sees the release of the single Freedom from his second album 23am, mixing various musical influences (drum & bass, pop, jazz, melodic trance), fruits of his travels in many countries. This album contains 11 titles including 4 songs among others performed by divas Kathy Sledge and Nancy Danino). Wanted by the artist as a concept, this new opus addresses different themes such as the cycle of life and the resulting experiences as well as the need for freedom. In 1998, Full Moon from the same album is released in maxi and contains remixes by Joe T. Vannelli. It is then Everyday Life which is published in vinyl and which contains a remix of Fable by DJ Cevin Fisher.

After three years of absence from the music scene, due to a separation of his record company, Miles creates his own label S: Alt records. Enjoying greater artistic freedom, he released in June 2001 a new album, Organik, which slice radically with his previous musical style. More than a return, it is a true renaissance, hailed by the British press. Indeed, this new album is much darker, more personal but richer musically and the fruit of various musical styles, as well as experiences and encounters experienced by the artist during these last years. It also reflects the dark period during these years of absence in order to free itself from the constraints imposed by its ex-label. Artists such as Nitin Sawhney and Bill Laswell participate in the sounds of Organik in a very important way. The result is a mix of World-music, Trip-Hop and Chill-Out. In 2002, Organik Remixes was born in the form of a double CD composed exclusively of coverings of titles of the previous opus and including a new title, Bhairav.

February 2004 saw the release of an album resulting from the collaboration between Robert and the Indian percussionist Trilok Gurtu soberly titled Miles Gurtu, mix of electro and jazz and who continues to develop his new musical orientation. In 2005, he remixed the title Got It All Wrong for the group Loose Cannons.

Robert Miles publishes a new album titled Th1rt3en in February 2011. This opus consists of 13 tracks and is an electro-rock mix that collaborates guitarist Robert Fripp. Miniature world is the first part of the album. May 11, 2011, the remix of Miniature world is declined in clip.

He died in Ibiza on May 9, 2017, at the age of 47, due to cancer.