Colegram Feat Syllys

New Synth Pop Single “Colegram”

July 24, 2023 Off By fred

New Synth Pop Single “Colegram”: An Explosive Collaboration Between Djmastersound, Starboy, Sweet Dice and Syllys.

ans of electronic music and synth pop will be delighted to hear about the long-awaited release of a brand new single entitled “Colegram” by a quartet of sensational artists: Djmastersound, Starboy, Sweet Dice and Syllys. This unique collaboration promises to make waves in the music industry with its heady mix of electronic sounds and catchy beats.

But the icing on the cake is the addition of singer Syllys to the collaboration. Her haunting voice and ability to convey deep emotions promise to bring a new dimension to this production. Syllys has made a name for herself with her captivating performances and inimitable style, which have earned her a special place in the hearts of music lovers.

“Colegram” will be the fruit of the union of these exceptional talents and will offer a most spellbinding musical journey. The French lyrics will add a touch of elegance and poetry to this electrifying song. The theme of the song is still a mystery, but there’s no doubt that the blend of styles from each artist promises an extraordinary listening experience.

Recording “Colegram” was a real creative adventure for the artists involved. They have combined their ideas and musical experiences to produce an innovative and captivating sound that is sure to leave a lasting impression. The recording sessions were marked by a convivial and inspired atmosphere, demonstrating the artistic synergy between the four protagonists.

The production team were also impressed by the level of harmony and understanding between the artists. Their harmonious collaboration was essential in bringing “Colegram” to life in a way that transcended the expectations of their respective fans.

Initial listens to ‘Colegram’ have elicited positive reactions from critics and industry insiders alike. Observers are already predicting that this single will become a hit.

The official release of ‘Colegram’ is just weeks away, and fans can’t hide their impatience. Djmastersound, Starboy, Sweet Dice and Syllys have promised to unveil a video worthy of the track, with a striking visual aesthetic that will accompany the music in an immersive way.

So stay tuned, because ‘Colegram’ is about to invade your ears and your playlists with its captivating universe and musical magic. One thing’s for sure, this unprecedented collaboration between Djmastersound, Starboy, Sweet Dice and Syllys is a musical gift not to be missed!

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