Mastering is a technical process that involves correcting recording errors, maximising sound quality and adapting the music to different delivery media. It is considered the final stage of music production and can make a big difference to the way the music is perceived by the audience.

The aim of mastering is to optimise the sound quality of the music, correcting recording errors such as distortion, background noise, echoes or uneven frequencies. This can be accomplished by using various tools such as equalizers, compressors, limiters and saturators. Audio engineers work to find a balance between correcting errors and retaining the original artistic quality of the music.

In addition, mastering involves adjusting the overall volume of the music so that it is consistent on all delivery platforms. This can include adapting the music for online broadcast, radio, film, video and live sound systems. Sound engineers must consider the variety of broadcast media that can affect volume levels and frequencies, and work to ensure consistent sound quality across all media.

Mastering can also include adding effects to enhance the dynamics and depth of the sound. Sound engineers can use techniques such as reverb, delay and stereo imaging to add depth to the music and make it more immersive. However, these effects should be used sparingly to avoid cluttering the music and detracting from its sound quality.

Ultimately, mastering is a crucial process for modern music production. It can greatly improve the sound quality of the music and enhance its impact on the audience. Qualified sound engineers are best placed to carry out mastering, as they have a thorough understanding of the techniques and algorithms needed to improve the sound quality of music. They can assess the strengths and weaknesses of a music recording and use various tools to correct errors and improve sound quality. By working closely with artists and music producers, sound engineers can ensure that music reaches its full potential and is presented in the best possible way to the audience.



MASTERING : the last step before commercial distribution or professional approaches.Today, mastering has to take into account the need for standardisation, which has increased with the advent of online listening platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer.

Mastering an album or an EP therefore involves more requirements. Sound engineers have to meet the new standards while respecting the musicality and dynamics of the tracks.We will do your mastering professionally like the big majors and big artists.Your track will be heard on all the listeners in the same way.

A good mastering is done in one day and with a lot of attention.


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