Frederic Cilia

Frederic Cilia – Arranger – Author – Compositor

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Frederic Cilia

Frédéric Cilia is a talented composer and arranger in the music industry. With over 20 years of experience, he is known for his creativity and expertise in music production. He has worked with a wide range of artists and bands, producing recordings for a wide range of genres from classical to pop to jazz and electronic music.

As a composer, Frédéric Cilia has created numerous original pieces for films, television shows, commercials and live performances. He is considered one of the best composers of his generation because of his ability to create memorable melodies and complex arrangements for films and TV shows.

As an arranger, Frédéric Cilia is able to take existing songs and rearrange them to suit new musical genres and styles. He is often asked to create arrangements for live concerts, artists’ albums and television productions.

Frédéric Cilia is also involved in teaching music production and arranging. He has held numerous workshops and courses for music students, sharing his expertise and encouraging young musicians to explore their creativity.

Frédéric Cilia is considered a leader in his field because of his ability to work with a wide variety of artists and musical genres. He has worked on many large-scale projects, including artists’ albums, television productions and live shows. His commitment to music and his expertise have earned him the respect and admiration of his peers and the public.

In conclusion, Frédéric Cilia is a talented and accomplished composer and arranger who has made his mark on the music industry with his original musical creations and his passion for music production. He is considered one of the best of his generation because of his expertise, creativity and commitment to music education.

Artist with multiple facets.
Arranger, Author, Composer, member of Sacem since December 20, 1989 (33 years) under the number 102569.
Affiliated with ADAMI and SCPP.
Code International Music Producer ISNI: 0000000492812857
Specialist of computer assisted music.
More than 300 works to his credit.
Composer of film music.