Frederic Cilia - The Avengers Feat Djmastersound

Electrifying Reissue : The EDM Remix of The Avengers Theme Strikes Again!

August 22, 2023 Off By fred

Electrifying Reissue : The EDM Remix of The Avengers Theme Strikes Again!
The musical universe is abuzz as the team behind the creation of the EDM remix of the iconic theme from the world-famous film ‘The Avengers’, composed by the renowned Alan Silvestri, announces its long-awaited re-release. This new version promises to immerse listeners in a breathtaking sonic adventure, blending cinematic grandeur with the thrilling energy of EDM.
Initially released in 2019 on iTunes and distributed by international label Dubset Media, with the validation of the mighty Universal Music, the remix made a lasting impression and excited many music fans across the globe. However, with the withdrawal of the Dubset Media label from the music scene, Frédéric Cilia, also known as Djmastersound, took over the reins of this exceptional production.

With unwavering determination, Djmastersound has chosen to resurrect this remix through its own label, Djmastersound Music. This bold decision is testament to his passion and commitment to this unique musical creation. The remix of the Avengers theme has been given a new lease of life, bringing a breath of fresh air to the already iconic original.
Ahead of its imminent release on major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer and Tidal, Djmastersound Music is generously offering listeners an exceptional chance to preview this captivating remix for free. This exclusive opportunity will allow fans to immerse themselves in the dynamic sonic universe that fuses cinematic heroism with the electrifying pulse of EDM.


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