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You will find his electronic music on all the download platforms below:

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Djmastersound Music


You can buy or listen to your choice, Djmastersound music on the official website ( Sound Tunes ) or the legal download platforms. If you choose the download on the site of Djmastersound, know that it is legal and gives you access to an invoice. The listening is free for the moment however the download is paying, see the general conditions of sale.


Any copy without purchase on this site is prohibited, all the music of Djmastersound are protected and filed with the Sacem. All the music of Djmastersound is distributed on the legal platforms above by Symphonic Distribution. The music for download on this site is proposed in the format MP3: 44 Khz, 16 beat, 320 kbps. The music presented on this site are the intellectual property of Frederic Cilia. For professional use of the music please contact the artist. Someone buying Music on this site does not authorize a professional use, see the general conditions.

Frederic Cilia

Thanks to everyone who downloaded and will download my music in the future.
I live music with great passion, which I am very happy to share. I still have a lot of music to finish. A composer does not necessarily end all his music. Sometimes he puts his music aside until the inspiration comes back to him. Or sometimes a snippet of thought occurred to him and it is volatile. It is therefore necessary to note it quickly so as to be able to work it in the future and not to forget it. Nevertheless, I endeavor to finish with energy all the ideas which remain to me, for there are still many of them, and every day there come others.