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Biography: Djmastersound – Mastering the Electronic Symphony

Djmastersound, an internationally acclaimed electronic music producer, stands as a living testament to the power of musical innovation and creativity. With a career spanning over two decades since its inception in the year 2000, he has left an indelible mark on the global music scene. Armed with an extensive skill set as a specialist in computer-assisted music, mixer, remixer, engineer, and producer, Djmastersound’s artistry knows no bounds.

Since his musical journey began, Djmastersound has been an unstoppable force, effortlessly crafting a diverse repertoire of music. With about 30 mesmerizing albums, EPs, and singles under his belt, and a staggering portfolio of around 280 unique tracks, his dedication to the craft remains unwavering. Notably, he has also lent his exceptional talent to reimagine and produce captivating remixes for some of the industry’s most illustrious artists.

Beyond being a luminary in the electronic music realm, Djmastersound’s prowess extends to the role of a producer of artists, guiding and nurturing talent to reach their fullest potential. His keen eye for untapped potential has resulted in many rising stars finding their footing in the ever-evolving music industry.

In 2021, Djmastersound embarked on a remarkable collaboration, producing a plethora of tracks for the illustrious Starboy, further cementing his status as a sought-after producer and collaborator. His seamless fusion of creativity and technical finesse breathed new life into Starboy’s music, earning praise from fans and critics alike.

Affiliated with esteemed organizations ADAMI and SCPP, Djmastersound’s dedication to excellence has been recognized globally. His International Music Producer ISNI code, 0000000492812857, serves as a testament to his contributions to the musical landscape.

A visionary entrepreneur, Djmastersound serves as the founder and owner of Djmastersound Music, a distinguished music label that champions the spirit of innovation and artistic expression. Additionally, his role as the director of the esteemed Hot Production recording studio solidifies his position as a leader in the music production domain.

As a true entrepreneur in the music industry, Djmastersound is both the owner of the Djmastersound Music label and the head of the Hot Production recording studio. These platforms give him total creative freedom to produce and promote his own work and that of other artists he accompanies.

Beyond his musical ventures, Djmastersound’s captivating presence on social media platforms has endeared him to a vast and devoted fan base. With a strong online presence on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, he effortlessly connects with his followers, sharing the magic of his music-making journey.

To experience the symphony of Djmastersound’s genius, listeners can immerse themselves in his captivating Essential collections. From Starboy’s Essentials to Djmastersound’s Essentials and Frederic Cilia’s Essentials, each masterpiece offers a glimpse into the depth and breadth of his artistic brilliance.

In a world where music transcends boundaries and touches the soul, Djmastersound stands tall as an enigmatic conductor of emotions, orchestrating melodies that resonate with hearts worldwide. His contributions to the electronic music landscape are nothing short of legendary, leaving an everlasting legacy that will continue to inspire generations to come.

“Djmastersound’s music is a symphony of emotions, uniting hearts across the globe in a timeless dance of harmony and rhythm.”

Affiliated with ADAMI and SCPP.
Code International Music Producer ISNI: 0000000492812857
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Artistic genres

French touch, electronic dance music, house progressive, electro house, deep house, électro-pop, dance pop, hip-hop, techno, future rave, Synth Pop, Synth Wave.


  • 2023 : Hypnotic
  • 2022 : Ghostkeeper
  • 2022 : The Way To Eternity  (reedition)
  • 2022 : Freedom
  • 2022 : Paradise 2
  • 2021 : Pardise
  • 2021 : Virtual Lover (Starboy)
  • 2020 : Blue
  • 2019 : Nightlife
  • 2019 : Light Up The Night
  • 2018 : Future Pop
  • 2018 : Happy
  • 2017 : Anthology
  • 2017 : Back To Trance
  • 2016 : Particule
  • 2016 : Sanctuary


Samuel Barber -Adagio For Strings – EDM 2023 – Djmastersound

LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem – EDM 2020  Djmastersound

Queen – Another One Bites The Dust  Djmastersound

Duran Duran – The Reflex –  (Frederic Cilia Aka Djmastersound)

Cerrone – Supernature  Djmastersound

The Avengers Theme – Alans Silvestri –  (Frederic Cilia Aka Djmastersound)

ChicLe Freak – (Frederic Cilia Aka Djmastersound)
Earth, Wind & Fire – Boogie Wonderland ( Electro House – Decembre 2018)

Kool & The Gang Celebration ( 2018)

Space – Magic Fly ( 2018)

Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight ( 2018)

Stromae Pentatonix Feat Lindsey Stirling – Papaoutai (  2018)

Martin Garrix David Guetta Feat Brooks – Like I Do ( 2018)

Shakira – Whenever, Wherever ( 2018)

David Bowie – Let’s Dance ( 2018)

Robert Miles – Children ( 2018)
Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit ( 2018)

Vangelis – Alpha ( 2018)

Bee Gees – Stayin Alive (2018)

Michael Jackson – Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (2018)

Pentatonix – Daft Punk (2018)

Bob Sinclar – Feat Dawn Tallman – Feel The Vibe ( 2017)

O-Zone – Dragostea Din Tei ( 2017)

Oliver Vincetti – The Blue ( 2017)

Vera Hall – trouble so hard ( 2015)

Exit 59 – Disco ( 2010)

Indeep – Last night a Dj saved my life ( 2010)

The Buggles – Video killed the radio star (2008)

Superfunk – Lucky Star ( 2007)


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