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Frederic Cilia - The Avengers Feat Djmastersound
Electrifying Reissue : The EDM Remix of The Avengers Theme Strikes Again! The musical universe is abuzz as the team behind the creation of the EDM remix of the iconic theme from the world-famous film ‘The Avengers’, composed by the renowned Alan Silvestri, announces its long-awaited re-release. This new version promises to immerse listeners in […]
Syllys - Reves
Syllys Prepares New Single “Rêves”: Expect a Second Success! The team is excited to reveal that multi-talented author, lyricist, composer, singer and actress Syllys is preparing a brand new single that promises to captivate fans. Entitled “Rêves”, the eagerly-awaited single is due for release at the end of October. Following the triumph of her previous […]
“Chasing the Night” by Frederic Cilia Aka Djmastersound: An Enchanting Odyssey into the Synthwave Universe A new star shines in the electronic music sky with the highly anticipated release of “Chasing the Night” by Frederic Cilia, also known as Djmastersound. This artistic collaboration promises an immersive journey into the captivating world of Synthwave, where the […]
I Want You - Starboy Feat Djmastersound
Frederic Cilia is thrilled to announce the release of Starboy’s new track “I Want You”. It will be out at the end of September. This EDM track has been in the works for a year, and Djmastersound has finally decided to finalize it. Congratulations to Frederic Cilia, Starboy, and the entire team on this exciting […]
Frederic Cilia - Asia
Discover “Asia”: Frederic Cilia’s bewitching new single, a daring fusion of classical and electronic music with an Asian flavour Genius composer Frederic Cilia has just unveiled his latest musical masterpiece entitled “Asia”. This long-awaited new single offers a unique musical experience, harmoniously combining classical and electronic elements, all topped off with bewitching Asian sounds. A […]
Colegram Feat Syllys
New Synth Pop Single “Colegram”: An Explosive Collaboration Between Djmastersound, Starboy, Sweet Dice and Syllys. ans of electronic music and synth pop will be delighted to hear about the long-awaited release of a brand new single entitled “Colegram” by a quartet of sensational artists: Djmastersound, Starboy, Sweet Dice and Syllys. This unique collaboration promises to […]
Tableau des sortie Djmastersound Music Juillet Aout 2023
Here’s the list of July and August 2023 releases from Djmastersound Music. Musically The Team #ınstagood #lovesong #goodvibes #lagos #unitedstates #london #newyork #LosAngeles #Atlanta #miami #unitedkingdom #france #canada #Starboy #newyorkcity #friends #like #fun #happy #follow #smile #instagram #friendship #cute #life #fashion #summer #instadaily #followme #music
Release - Starboy - Go Back Feat Djmastersound
Starboy’s Highly Anticipated Dance World Single “Go Back” Featuring Djmastersound Starboy, the sensational music artist, is set to captivate fans worldwide with the release of his latest single in the dance world genre. Titled “Go Back,” this highly anticipated track features the remarkable talents of Djmastersound. Brace yourself for an electrifying experience as Starboy and […]
Release - Frederic Cilia - Chasing The Night Feat Djmastersound
Frederic Cilia and Djmastersound Join Forces for Electrifying Synthwave Single “Chasing the Night” Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of synthwave as renowned artist Frederic Cilia collaborates with Djmastersound for their highly anticipated new single, “Chasing the Night.” This electrifying track is set to transport listeners to a nostalgic realm of pulsating […]
You And Me peaked 5 apple music
You And Me – Starboy Peaked #5 Apple Music – House – Bahamas
Year 2022
This year has been a very good musical year for starboy and djmastersound with very good results. In the year 2022 I released more than 15 tracks and an album. For the next year it is planned to release at least one track per month with some surprises throughout the year, the challenge will be […]
Music Supervision
I am very pleased to announce that I have been approached by several major music supervision companies to collaborate with them. Djmastersound Music’s catalogue of more than 300 tracks will be used in music videos for very big brands and certainly TV series. I finally agreed to collaborate with these companies in order to develop […]
Children - Djmastersound
Children EDM Edit It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of the very famous track and global hit Children (EDM edit) on streaming platforms Spotify, Deezer and Tidal on 30 09 2022. Catalog #: CAT691211 UPC Code: 197077390346 Primary Artist: Djmastersound Composer: Roberto Concina Arranger: Frederic Cilia Featuring: Starboy, Frederic Cilia Producer: Frederic […]
flac free lossless audio
Good news! You can now download tracks from the Djmastersound Music catalogue in FLAC format. You don’t have to open an account to download. Payment is done by paypal. Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) is a free lossless audio compression codec developed by It achieves a compression ratio of about 50% compared to uncompressed […]
Youtube Content ID Djmastersound Musc
Today’s good news is that all tracks from the Djmastersound Music label catalogue have been integrated into the Youtube Content ID. Tracks from the label will be available for free download in MP3 192 kbs format for those who want to use them on their youtube videos only. For professional videos you will need our […]
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