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I am Frédéric Cilia, better known by my artist name Djmastersound. I arrange, compose and remix music. I was born on July 29, 1966 in Aix en Provence, France.

I’ve been a musician since the age of 10, Disc jockey since the age of 15 and I’ve been producing music since 2000. I love composing music for film and remixing music from the past or the present.

At the age of 16, I started working as a disc jockey at the Manhattan club in Marseille in 1982, rue de la palud, France. The days of Jimmy Cliff, Lionel Ritchie, Rockwell, Cindy Laupers, etc …

I like any style of music and I practice several instruments. I also did the conservatory of music in Toulon. I also played in several bands, on electric bass and drums (Pop, Zouk, Sega, Rock, Funk Jazz, Jazz Rock, Blues, etc …).

Since I was little, I dream of creating music and being able to share it. Today this dream comes true. I started to compose at the age of 20. I was obviously interested in the techniques of harmonization, counterpoint and orchestration.

The instrumentation and orchestration treatise of Hector Berlioz was for a long time my bedside book. Some will say that this treaty is out of date, but we can find most of what we need at the beginning to arrange and orchestrate.

I practice computer-assisted music since I was 20 years old. The advantage of computer-assisted music is that one can always arrange for the result to be good and fast. Of course there is still a part of talent and knowledge not to neglect.

I stopped the disc jockey and music groups so I could really devote myself to production. The music that I produce is music that is suitable for all ages it is also a current music.

I remixed a lot of music and famous artists. You will find some remixes on iTunes (Stromaé, Nirvana, shakira, Kool and the Gang, etc … ..).

The Composer

I live music with great passion, which I am very happy to share. I still have a lot of music to finish.

A composer does not necessarily end all his music. Sometimes he puts his music aside until the inspiration comes back to him.

Or sometimes a snippet of thought occurred to him and it is volatile. It is therefore necessary to note it quickly so as to be able to work it in the future and not to forget it.

Nevertheless, I endeavor to finish with energy all the ideas which remain to me, for there are still many of them, and every day there come others.


My musical influences are multiple :

Richard Wagner
Joseph Anton Bruckner
Hector Berlioz
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Vangélis Papathanassíou
Jean Michel Jarre
Wally Badarou
Alan Silvestri
John Williams
Howard Shore
Tangerine Dream
The Alan Parsons Project
Pink Floyd
Emerson Lake and Palmer
Erroll Garner
Duke Ellington
Jean Luc Ponty
Yellow Jacket
Gino Vannelli
Stanley Clarke
Jaco Pastorius
Billy Cobham
Zaka Percussion
Earth Wind and Fire
Daft Punk
Van Halen
Lou Reed
Giorgio Moroder
Quincy Jones
Instant Funk
Unlimited Touch
Etc ….


Today Djmastersound does more than the production style is EDM (Electronic Dance Music):

House Music
Electro House
Trap Music
Electro Pop
Future Pop Music
Nu Disco


I remixed a lot of famous artists:

Alan Silvestri
Duran Duran
Bee Gees
Bob Sinclar
Daft Punk
David Bowie
David Guetta
Earth Wind & Fire
Kool & the Gang
Michael Jackson
Robert Miles
Sugarhill Gang


Nightlife(Album 2019)
Light Up The Night (Album 2019)
Future Pop (Album 2018)
Happy (Album 2018)
Anthology (Album 2017)
Lumina (EP 2016)
No Limit EDM (Album 2016)
Sanctuary (Album 2016)
The Way To Eternity (Album 2015)
The Party (Album 2014)
Back To Trance (Album 2013)
The Child Of Earth (Album 2012)
Fonky Groove (Album 2011)
Jerba In Electro (Album 2009)
French Kiss (EP 2006)
Freedom (EP 2004)
Analog Project (Album 2002)

The website

this website was created to share my musical culture, my music and my passion.

You will be able on my site to listen to my productions, my albums and to find the necessary links to download them on the legal platforms.

I wish you a pleasant moment on my site.