Digital Record Label

Digital Record Label : The Djmastersound music label is a brand that represents the artists Djmastersound, Starboy and Frederic Cila. The Djmastersound label has the mission to produce and distribute the music of its artists on all international download and streaming platforms. The label can produce and distribute any style of music but the majority of its production remains electronic music (EDM). All the music produced by the label is recorded in the Hot Production recording studio.   The Djmastersound label exists since the year 2000. In its origin the label was not called Djmastersound. At first it was called Masterprod Recording, but later it was decided to rename it with the same name as the artist Djmastersound.  


Starboy is a very active pop artist, he participated in the production of 16 EPs with Djmastersound. He has now joined the Djmastersound Music label. His Dance Music style makes him one of the rising stars of the moment. Of French nationality he was born in Grasse. Many titles are in preparation. The adventure is just beginning for this talented and surprising artist. Starboy is a pop artist and music producer with a worldwide reputation, who works in collaboration with Djmastersound. His music is full of energy and makes you want to dance. His music remains popular and accessible to all audiences.


Djmastersound is an international electronic music producer. He produces music since the year 2000.
Since then he has produced about 30 music albums, EP’s, singles and about 150 tracks. He has also produced many remixes for famous artists.
Djmastersound also produces since the year 2021 many tracks for Starboy.
You can find his music on all legal download platforms.

You can contact the artist and follow him on this site. He is an independent artist who loves what he does. Music is his passion and his life.